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About Us

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Making the initial jump across borders can seem like a daunting next step for growing businesses, but we have the experience and expertise to guide your business through nearly any challenge with ease and efficiency.

We bring businesses beyond borders

Strategic foundations

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To foster economic growth and social capital by providing a platform for trade and business opportunities across North, Central and South America.



We not only do business. We build community. We impact the lives of our customers by promoting social capital investment.



We integrate our values of integrity, innovation, diversity & inclusion, sustainability as part of our mission and vision to adhere to transparency practices.

Our Personal Approach

We bridge the geographical and cultural gap through the use of technology, creating a customized profile for each member that can include business information, photos, and videos.


We let our members tell their stories, including the history, their mission and values, and their plans for growth.


By amplifying our members' voices, we allow them to connect with their customers on a deeper level and build lasting relationships.

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 Our Philosophy

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Storie-telling is the basis of our business

Bridge the geographic and cultural gap through the use of technology.


Utilizing a personal approach to share the values and purpose of our members

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Integrity and Transparency

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We believe in the power of social capital

Sustainable economic growth opportunities based on social networks; trust & reciprocity; shared values and norms

Human-Robot Friendship


All Hands In

Diversity of cultures of our members, customers, and associates

​Diversity and Inclusion as a path to achieve 



understanding and community

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A personable and aproachable business culture

 Success based on integrity,  

transparency and accountability as a universal language for a reliable business culture


Empower and instill a culture of innovation and resilience  to small, medium-size companies, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Capacity-building based on interpersonal and intercultural 

business approach

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Mentoring and Coaching


Provide members and sponsors with 

opportunities to  learn,  develop and/or improve  

their skills through mentorship and coaching

Encourage our members to lead, inspire and transform their communities by providing them with 

opportunities  to grow their businesses

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