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A membership with the Trade Center of the Americas provides your business access to a myriad of benefits. From educational opportunities to executive networking, small and large companies alike will benefit from a Trade Center of the Americas membership. Our goal is to be a partner and guide your business through the complex, but highly lucrative, world of international business. 

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Basic Services Descriptions

Educational Seminars

Our goal is to provide you with the tools for success and help your business develop sustainably and profitably. This is the cornerstone of our business model. Training sessions are available on a variety of topics and include topics such as: how to expand your business internationally, navigating business culture in different nations, how to maximize profitability in foreign markets, transparency, and corporate responsibility, among others. 

Audiovisual Conference

Newsletter Subscription

A Trade Center of the Americas Membership gives you access to our highly curated and informational monthly newsletter. In most membership tiers, your business is also eligible to feature an article in our newsletter. 

Membership Directory 

The Trade Center of the Americas will develop a membership directory which will be made available to all members. Each company profile will include the company name, business overview, website, contact information, and social media channels. 


Highlight Member Benefits

Access to all services in English and Spanish (Portuguese coming soon)

Gain exposure to new market opportunities across North, Central and South America

Join an intercontinental network that can potentially become customers/investors

Participate in educational seminars

Exclusive networking opportunities

Receive access to a virtual database of members from across the continent

Raise the visibility of your products/services globally 

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