A Take on International Trade and the TCA

Nations that have a McDonald’s are exponentially less likely to engage in armed

conflict with each other. So, is the Big Mac the secret to world peace? Not quite. But

international trade, the method by which ingredients get to each McDonald’s franchise,

requires nations to cooperate, thereby promoting peaceful relations among international

trade partners. It is therefore in a nations' best interest to have a defined trade policy

with as many nations as possible, especially if it wants streamlined access to

international financial services, the newest technology or even a juicy burger. Another

significant benefit of international trade is that it opens channels of global commerce to

everyday citizens. With open international channels, markets are no longer contingent

on the number of customers in the surrounding area. Instead, the entire world is the


At the Trade Center of the Americas, I have seen first-hand how trading goods

often results in trading stories and values as well. For example, working with Nevado

Roses, and learning about their eco-friendly techniques to cultivate flowers in the

second highest mountain range in the world, taught me about the true value of

sustainable farming practices. Likewise, Bebidas Amazonicas, which supports

indigenous Amazonian guayusa tea producers, has made it apparent that being

genuinely sustainable means more than just sorting your recyclables. Rather, a

sustainable business leaves every aspect of their community in a better place for

generations to come. People seeking to do business abroad often become cultural

diplomats by sharing stories about themselves and their home countries. This

accidental, grassroots diplomacy results in people who would have never otherwise

interacted with a newfound appreciation for other cultures and values. 

Global economic integration through international trade is essential to promoting

peace and cross-cultural understanding. While nations with interconnected economies

are less likely to fight, global trade also promotes mutual understanding on the

grassroots level via average citizens conducting international business. Although the

global availability of Big Mac itself is not the secret to world peace, sharing supply

chains inevitably promotes cross-cultural understanding.

A brainstorming session at Impact Hub

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