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Bridging the Gap Between the Private and Public Sector

At the TCA, we are committed to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. As part of the SDG No. 17, Partnership for the Goals. Thus, we have established a platform for building public-private-partnerships (PPPs) in order to include all trade actors in our vision of promoting inclusive economic growth through trade and investment based on sustainable practices.

We connect and facilitate dialogue as well as capacity building opportunities between governments (foreign-local-nationwide), local and international public organizations, and local and international private institutions (companies, NGOs, etc), producers, small businesses, and women and minority-owned companies as well as startups.

Partnerships for Real Change

Because of the diverse nature of services provided by the public sector, we are committed to building a community of support in providing opportunities to accelerate trade and international investment to our customers. Connecting the dots between the public and private sector, including  NGOs, think tanks, academia, data, technology, etc. is the most effective path to achieve this goal.

Through establishing public-private partnerships, we want to promote a more accessible trade ecosystem. We are aware of the challenges that many small businesses need to overcome in order to promote their products and services. At the TCA we want to be able to provide a comprehensive and approachable platform through bridging the gaps between sectors and build networks of support. 

Examples of Private-Public-Partnerships are the trade missions, trade forums, business discussions, investment opportunities panels, promoting public initiatives focused on trade, projects focused on trade, international development, and capacity building.

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If you are interested in partnering with us, whether for a public-private-partnership project, event or consultation, we are here to help. We are committed to establishing transparent and inclusive services,  where all trade and investment actors have a seat at the table and a voice. From policy-makers to farmers and producers, as well as high level executives and government officials. We provide the capacity building platform for open and transparent communication. Through our public-private-partnerships, we foster trust and accountability around trade and investment dialogues and forums.

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