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We believe that trade is the path for economic growth and shared prosperity,  in alignment with sustainable and corporate responsible practices. Making the initial jump across borders can seem like a daunting next step for growing businesses. At the Trade Center of the Americas we have the experience and expertise to guide your business through nearly any challenge with ease and efficiency. From trade counseling, market intelligence to referral-matchmaking. We are committed to your success by using an inclusive-cross cultural and personal approach. 

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Benefits to Becoming a Member

Access to all services in English and Spanish (Portuguese coming soon)

Gain exposure to new market opportunities across North, Central, and South America

Join an intercontinental network that can potentially become customers/investors

Participate in educational seminars

Exclusive networking opportunities

Receive access to a virtual database of members from across the continent

Raise the visibility of your companies products/services globally


We are committed to providing trade and business opportunities to communities of color, indigenous people, startups, and small and medium size companies. Our vision is to bridge the economic gap through fostering sustainable development and trade practices across the American continent (North, Central and South America).


Whether you're just starting out or have an established company, we have several tiers of memberships designed to meet your needs. All members have access to monthly educational seminars, our monthly newsletter, and translation services. Beyond that, we also offer business development tools, networking, and marketing assistance. 

Why the Midwest?

Based in Minnesota, we focus on the area of the Midwest to capitalize on the opportunities in the region. Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota has abundant natural resources and an equally vast private sector. With an average quality of life ranked higher than larger states like California or New York, one of the best-educated workforces in the USA, in addition to being home to almost 20 Fortune 500 companies, Minnesota is a dynamic center of both commerce and culture.  

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We empower people from diverse backgrounds to participate in economic opportunities and acknowledge their valuable contributions to the world's economy

 –TCA Team

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a public benefit corporation, we follow the hybrid business model that bridges the non-profit public benefit aspects in a for-profit enterprise. This model of business incorporates our mission of stimulating and facilitating trade among the Americas, intended to create economic opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as startups. We believe that by enabling trade among businesses of all sizes we will achieve a more inclusive economy. This will have a lasting impact on the communities where those economic opportunities are created.

The efficacy of our business model relies on the enhancement of a socially responsible commitment to corporate socially responsible practices and the creation of a public benefit, as well as accountability, transparency, and stakeholder engagement. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability, which has been acknowledged by the UN as a paradigm for the twenty-first century (OECD, 2016; UN, 2015) that calls for business to serve society.

The collaboration of our members and partners will create economic development across the Americas: this is the future of a sustainable and inclusive economy.


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