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The Road To International Business Begins Here.

Expand To New and Global Markets.

Diversify Your Supply Chain.

Introducing our law firm

The Trade Center of the Americas

International Trade Expertise and Consulting

based on the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Want To Expand Internationally? We'll Lead the Way

We believe that trade is the path for economic growth and shared prosperity,  in alignment with sustainable and corporate responsible practices. Making the initial jump across borders can seem like a daunting next step for growing businesses. At the Trade Center of the Americas we have the experience and expertise to guide your business through nearly any challenge with ease and efficiency. From trade counseling, market intelligence to referral-matchmaking. We are committed to your success by using an inclusive-cross cultural and personal approach. 


Our Four Pillars of Business


If you want to join our international business community, learn more about a TCA memberships.


With our bilingual and multicultural staff, TCA provides Cross-Cultural Business Inteligence consulting. 

Matchmaking Referal Services

Similar to our consulting services, we offer referral services. No matter the industry, we'll connect you to a supplier or buyer for the product or service you wish to export/import.

Public-Private Partnerships

Our Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) service is available to all public entities, including local-foreign governments.

As a Minority-Owned Public Benefit


We empower people from diverse background, particularly women & minority-owned businesses  to participate in economic opportunities and acknowledge their valuable contributions to the global economy


Cross-Cultural Consulting

Membership Platform

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Matching-Making Trade Referals

Public-Private Partnerships

We created a





piece it all together...

Our four pillars business model creates an inclusive and sustainable trade ecosystem.

TCA Memberships

Whether you're just starting out or have an established company, we have several tiers of memberships designed to meet your needs. All members have access to monthly educational seminars, our monthly newsletter, and translation services. Beyond that, we also offer business development tools, networking, and marketing assistance. 

Become a part of our International Trade Community

Support and participate in  sustainable and transparent  business throughout the Americas

Grow your reputation and your business, become an industry leader!

Bring awareness to the benefits and strength of your region and company

Learn about how to navigate cultural differences of doing business in different markets

Through our consulting services we will match you to a seller or a buyer for your product.

*Members receive discounted prices on all services

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a public benefit corporation, we follow the hybrid business model that bridges the non-profit public benefit aspects in a for-profit enterprise. This model of business incorporates our mission of stimulating and facilitating trade among the Americas, intended to create economic opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as startups. We believe that by enabling trade among businesses of all sizes we will achieve a more inclusive economy. This will have a lasting impact on the communities where those economic opportunities are created.

The efficacy of our business model relies on the enhancement of a socially responsible commitment to corporate socially responsible practices and the creation of a public benefit, as well as accountability, transparency, and stakeholder engagement. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability, which has been acknowledged by the UN as a paradigm for the 21st century (OECD, 2016; UN, 2015) that calls for business to serve society.

The collaboration of our members and partners will create economic development across the Americas: this is the future of a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Our Partners

Upcoming Events in Our Community

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December 1 - December 3, 2020

Ag Machinery and Technology Expo 2020

The Minnesota Trade Office (MTO) is hosting AGRIBUSINESS 2020-Online Trade Expo. This exciting event will bring Minnesota agricultural machinery and technology manufacturers who would benefit from presenting their products and services and decision-makers from around the globe.

If you are interested in attending this free event, see more details here.


December 8- December 9, 2020

Global Security Connection Virtual Conference and Exhibition

Cerberus, a TCA member company,  is holding a virtual conference about the future of the security of the sector of critical infrastructure and strategic facilities; digital security: data privacy and data usage and more topics. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this trendy topic!

Rock Balancing




each member has a story to tell. 

To read members' stories, check out our Trading Stories Blog!

We value the diversity of our members. 

No matter their:

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