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Replace Your Morning Coffee with...Guayusa tea?

At the Trade Center of the Americas, we recognize that making the jump to expand internationally is a daunting endeavor for even the most experienced business people. However, we ensure our clients receive the utmost personalized attention, guiding companies like Bebidas Amazónicas through any cultural, linguistic, or financial barriers that might arise while conducting international business. The Trade Center of the Americas wants to make your business our next success story, and all you have to do is let us know how we can help.

Although available extensively in Ecuador, guayusa tea is a rare commodity in North America. However, our pioneer member, Bebidas Amazónicas, is about to make guayusa tea available in the USA. Bebidas Amazónicas is a small business that works with local farmer to produce guayusatea, with eco-consciousness and respect for native traditions at the forefront of their mission. In fact, the company partners with native guayusa farmers who use traditional cultivation techniques to ensure that both indigenous customs and the environment are treated with the utmost respect. Therefore, not only is guayusa tea a healthier alternative to coffee, but every purchase of guayusa contributes directly to empowering native farmers and guayusa conservation.

With just as much caffeine as coffee, double the antioxidants of green tea, and no headache inducing tannins, guayusa tea is causing a sensation. Cultivated by the indigenous Shuar people of the Ecuador Amazon, guayusa tea is an integral part of native culture. Importantly, unlike other forms of agriculture, guayusa cultivation actually helps to preserve the rainforest and provides an important livelihood for the native people as well. Because the guayusa plant grows natively and abundantly in the Amazon, unlike coffee or other teas, guayusa does not need environmentally destructive pesticides or invasive irrigation techniques to grow.

Traditionally, the Schuar hunters would consume guayusatea before dawn for its energizing effects which kept them alert and focused during the early hours of the day. Now, guayusa tea is popular throughout Ecuador, amongst native hunters and corporate elite alike, as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to coffee.

The respect Bebidas Amazónicas has for both the environment and native people exemplifies how sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, our mission at the Trade Center of the Americas is to promote ethical business practices through our uniquely cost effective, personable, and hands-on approach. For example, we have provided our consulting services Bebidas Amazónicas throughout the import/export process to ensure their product can be profitably and legally sold in the USA. Additionally, our inside knowledge of both Latin American and the US consumer markets was integral to helping Bebidas Amazónicas expand their brand into the USA. Certain marketing techniques that are effective in Ecuador, for example, tend to not capture the attention of American consumers. Therefore, we took both cultural and linguistic factors into consideration when translating the marketing materials so the guayusa tea would appeal to American consumers. Most importantly, we're working on connecting Bebidas Amazónicas with a multitude of grocery store chains across the Midwest, enabling Bebidas Amazónicas to not only have consistent customers, but also generated enough demand for their product that multiple companies are now bidding for exclusive rights to carry guayusa tea.

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