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Flower Power Across Borders

Our mission at the Trade Center of the Americas is to close the gap between small, medium, and large firms by guiding our clients through international trade with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and profitability. We are thrilled to be working with Miguel Sansur, President of Nevado Roses and to welcome him as a member of the TCA.

And, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, the Trade Center of the Americas is here to make it happen.

Fittingly located in the heart of Andes mountains, Nevado Roses has a heart to match. Although Ecuador is one of the largest rose exporters in the world, few flower procurers in the nation keep sustainability at the forefront of their business model like Nevado Roses. With over 500 employees and exporting to nearly 120 clients in 4 different continents, Nevado Roses has made an impact both locally and abroad.

Representing the The Trade Center of the Americas, pictured Silvia Ontaneda (top corner) and Christopher Lindrud (bottom corner) recently met with Miguel Sansur (middle of screen capture) ofNevado Rosesto explore export opportunities in the USA.

It was fantastic learning about how Nevado Roses produces the highest quality of flowers through their unique sustainable farming techniques. We make working with socially and environmentally responsible businesses our priority, because at the Trade Center of the Americas, firmly believe in the power of connecting free trade with fair trade. We look forward to collaborating with Nevado Roses and help their business blossom in the Minnesota and the other states in the Midwest!

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