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Trade Center of the Americas

Minority-Owned Public Benefit Corporation

About Us

The Trade Center of the Americas (TCA) is a minority-owned, public-benefit corporation, building an international trade community based on transparency. We are a platform for business and investment opportunities for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Our four-pillar business model is designed to build an trade ecosystem through memberships; bilingual-cross-cultural business consulting; business referral matching services and through public-private-partnerships.

As a minority owned company, we know how it is to be a part of the "few" in the corporate world. The TCA recognizes this condition as a strength to fuel our mission of bringing small and medium sized companies into the market of international trade.

Our focus is the American continent. We are passionate about creating opportunities to thrive, particularly minority and women owned companies, small and medium sized organizations working in Canada, the US, Central America, and South America. 

Trade Center of  the Americas

Our Mission and Vision

To foster economic growth across the Americas (North, Central and South) by providing trade and business opportunities based on social impact, corporate responsibility and sustainable practices.

We are committed to providing trade and business opportunities to women, communities of color, indigenous people, startups and small and medium-sized companies.

Our vision is to bridge the economic gaps in the Americas,  through fostering international trade and investment  through sustainable development practices.

Value 01.


We generate trust because integrity is the essential part of who we are and is reflected in the transparent, honest and responsible way of our work environment, as well as in the relationship with our clients.

TCA Sustainable Development Goals

The Trade Center of the Americas (TCA) is based on five principles of sustainability and social responsibility. These principles have been established by the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 


Under these principles, new business and trade models should be focused on an equitable and inclusive economic growth for the  InterAmerican region.

Our Team

Meet The Team


Silvia Ontaneda

  • Silvia Ontaneda LinkedIn

Founder and CEO

As an entrepreneur, former diplomat, as well as an international trade and foreign policy consultant, Silvia is utilizing her vast experience to bridge the cultural and geographical gaps between regions. 

During her tenure as a diplomat, Silvia founded the South American Trade Forum. In addition, she has fostered and help establish other international initiatives, including the Minnesota-Ecuadorian as well as the Minnesota-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. During her tenure as President and Vice-president of the Minnesota Consular Corps, she increased the participation of other Latin American Honorary Consulates in the  Midwest. Silvia  is the founder of two unique services that provided free health and legal assistance to vulnerable immigrants in Minnesota (Probono Legal Clinic and the Clinica Vida y Salud). These centers were established within the premises of the Ecuadorian Consular post.  They were the only ones of its kind ever created, in partnership with local private organizations and the Foreign Service, at no cost to the government or to the constituents. 

Silvia and her family are residents of Minnesota. She is proud alumni of the University of Minnesota Law School, the FBI Citizens Academy, the University of Loja Law School, the Catholic University of Ecuador, and a passionate advocate for immigrants’ human rights. She serves on the board of several organizations, including the Legal Rights Center, the Center for Women in Leadership and Diplomacy and  she is the founder and chair of the FBI Citizens Academy Opioid Crisis Task Force. 


Rafaela Creamer

  • Rafaela LinkedIn

Director of Operations


Sonia Miller-Van Oort 

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

President at Sapientia Law Group

Avatar 98

Towle Neu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Partner at Sapientia Law Group

Outside Counsel for US Matters

Our Associates


Deyanira Juliet Murga

  • Deyanira J Murga

Trade and International Security Advisor


Aidan Lynn-Klimenko

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Artist and Photographer for Business Storytelling


Richard Weiner

  • Richard Weiner LinkedIn

Chair, International Law Practice Group at Fredrikson & Byron P.A


Terri Barreiro

  • Terri Barreiro LinkedIn

Principal, Cogent Consulting PBC

Senior Volunteer, Impact Hub MSP 

Executive in Residence U of MN Carlson School of Business


Mark Richie

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

President of Global Minnesota and CEO of MN  US Expo 2027

Our International Advisory Board


Jeff Ashe

  • Jeff Ashe LinkedIn

Research Fellow at the Global Development and Economic Institute (GDAE) at Tufts University


Bill Blazar

  • Bill Blazar LinkedIn

Former Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Business Development

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Trade Center of  the Americas

Our Personal Approach

We bridge the geographical and cultural gap through the use of technology, creating a customized profile for each member that can include business information, photos, and videos. We let our members tell their stories, including the history, their mission and values, and their plans for growth. By amplifying our members' voices, we allow them to connect with their customers on a deeper level and build lasting relationships.

Reflecting on the [Millennium Development Goals] and looking ahead to the next 15 years, there is no question that we can deliver on our shared responsibility to put an end to poverty, leave no one behind, and create a world of dignity for all.

( UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon)

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