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"WeFairTrade" Academy

We are excited to share that we have started the "WeFairTRade" Academy (WFTA). The WFTA is a product of the TCA that fosters entrepreneurship focused on fair trade and sustainable development.

The WFTA is a program that enables women and children entrepreneurs to start exporting their products and services by providing opportunities to:

  1. Learn about the standards, expectations and requirements of establishing an export business

  2. Provide them with the awareness of the benefits of starting a global export business based on fair trade

  3. Fair-trade capacity building workshops directly to women and children entrepreneurs

  4. Help with business development plans focused on exporting products/services based on fair trade practices

  5. Assist with export-trade-business development tools

  6. Explain the benefits of community-organizing strategies for expanding internationally

  7. Coach and mentorship opportunities

  8. Peer to peer support

  9. Connect entrepreneurs to work directly with potential international buyers/distributors/representatives/promoters

  10. Empower and encourage entrepreneurs to meet international supply chain expectations and demands

  11. Assist with matchmaking opportunities (connect entrepreneurs with potential customers)

  12. Assist with logistics and ops for entrepreneurs to start exporting their products/services

Noelia, Rebeca, Tita, Amy, Lola, Mercedes, Johnny, Etel, Ana María, Marcos estarán contando sus historias en este blog. Pronto estarán exportando sus productos a los Estados Unidos, después de la capacitación que han recibido a través del WeTrade Entrepreneurship Academy. La Academia de Emprendimiento "WeTrade".

Pronto nos podrán seguir en las redes sociales y conocer a este fantástico grupo de emprendedores de distintas generaciones, con una sola vision!

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